Interns Speak Out about their ULF Experience

"This program has made me realize that the finance industry is a place I can see myself working."
– Vivian T, RBC Intern, Notre Dame HS/Barnard College
"One of the biggest, most important impacts the internship has had on my life was introducing me to amazing supervisors that I plan on keeping in contact with. They guided me through the internship, gave me constructive criticism, and pushed my boundaries. They showed me the importance of work relationships and so much more."
– Cristal R, Loews Corporation Intern, The Young Women’s Leadership School of the Bronx/Babson College
"Before this internship I had tunnel vision when it came to my future, and I thought that law school was the only destination for me. This summer opened my eyes to the giant world outside of the legal profession and sparked my interest in the muni field. A year ago I had no idea what municipal finance was, and now I am already looking for internships for next summer in the public finance sector."
– Julianna F, MTA Intern, Stuyvesant High School/Binghamton University
"I just wanted to thank the ULF program, Futures and Options, and the Municipal Forum of New York for giving me this amazing opportunity. I really enjoyed working at the bank and most of all building my network. I made good friends in the ULF program, I met other interns here at JP Morgan who also participate in Futures and Options, and built good relationships with my coworkers at the firm."
– Josue Q, JP Morgan Intern, Brooklyn Preparatory High School/Lehigh University
"Not only were we given work advice and experience, we we’re given life advice and a trusted network of those our age. The people at Nixon Peabody are welcoming and ready to teach. They kept in mind I was about to start college and allowed me to learn the basics you learn in law school. One important thing I learned is that it is important to create a strong network and not be afraid to ask questions. I’m planning on keeping in touch with those at my worksite, as I feel they have become friends in addition to colleagues. If I ever have questions, I know who I can talk to."
– Samantha B, Nixon Peabody, Susan E. Wagner High School
"After graduating high school, most kids don’t do anything meaningful over the summer, but the ULF program is the perfect program to get involved in before college. Everyone at Loews is friendly, helpful, and supportive and it’s an overall great environment to work in. After this summer’s experience, I plan to continue to be involved in programs like Futures and Options to build the stepping stones to a brighter future."
– Rayvon D, Loews Corporation, All Hallows High School
"This was an awesome experience that will help me in the future; everyone cares and wants to help students. Everyone at my office is very helpful and are experienced in what they do. They take the time to teach me, but also help me with life choices such as college. At first I had a hard time understanding how the city issued bonds and why, but my supervisor taught me and guided me very well throughout the program."
– Andrew A, Office of the New York City Comptroller, Academy of Finance and Enterprise
"I would recommend a friend to the Urban Leadership Fellows Program because it is a well-structured program that helps adolescent teens experience an exciting opportunity in the municipal finance world. One important thing I learned from the program is that any amount of success you have is a result of your work ethic."
– Bradley H, Siebert Brandford Shank & Co., LLC, All Hallows High School
"Futures and Options literally provides students with options. They’re an excellent organization that allows students to foresee their futures. That in itself has tremendous value. From this program I learned that it takes hard work and dedication to successfully complete a task. One must be willing to make a mistake in order to learn. I’d recommend this program to only students who are serious about working and are willing to learn. The program is only for the strong-minded and those with humility."
– Dylan J, Jeffries LLC, Pace High School
"I learned how to work on a trading floor and what municipal bonds are, how they work and all the specifics that come along with these bonds. After this this internship I will keep reading bond news and about the field to better my knowledge."
– Anik H, RBC Capital Markets, High School of Economics and Finance
"The Urban Leadership Fellows Program doesn’t just throw you into an internship site but prepares and helps you throughout the six weeks. This summer I learned to be confident, to feel okay if I don’t know something and to smile more to make people feel comfortable talking to me. I also learned to never fear starting a conversation with anyone and to always push myself to tiring work because I tend to underestimate my abilities."
– Youstina R, Janney Montgomery Scott, John Dewey High School
"ULF is a great program that allows high school students to gain internship experience and gain an advantage before going to college. Build America Mutual was extremely welcoming and provides its interns with a lot of attention needed to get comfortable and excel o the job."
– Brenton J, Build America Mutual, The Eagle Academy for Young Men
"ULF is such a great program and offers great opportunities to students at such a young age. This experience taught me that it is important to always push yourself to learn and try new things even if you think you’re going to make a mistake."
– Priyanka S, Hawkins Delafield and Wood, Academy of Finance and Enterprise
"This program not only offers great opportunities but also does everything to help interns succeed. The MTA finance team is very kind and I’ve learned a lot about public finance from them. This experience taught me that taking initiative is what makes you learn the most."
– Ronghui L, Metropolitan Transit Authority, Fort Hamilton High School
"The team at Prager does an excellent job of making you feel welcome and teaching interns about the field of muni bonds. They help develop skills related to that field like Excel. We had a day of just Excel training my first week. They taught me the ins and outs and went in depth about the program."
– Michael H, Prager & Co., Susan E. Wagner High School
"Futures and Options really were greatly invested in trying to make sure my experience was great. The public speaking and networking skills I learned will always stay with me."
– Alyssa S, Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation, Academy of Finance and Enterprise
"My internship site was the best! I worked around the best people in the best environment. I can say that confidently because that’s just how great it was."
– Kymesha R, Empire State Development, Manhattan Business Academy
"I learned how to multi-task when I am given multiple projects and how important it is to be organized. Following the summer I will continue to keep in contact with my supervisor and mentor and continue to ask them questions that will aid me in life."
– Quanece T, NYS Home and Community Renewal, KIPP NYC College Prep High School
"It’s a phenomenal opportunity that I feel no one should miss out on."
– Simbiat A, Citi, Susan E. Wagner High School
"It offers opportunities that are not found elsewhere and is definitely a unique program."
- Joanna C, Wells Fargo Securities, Aquinas High School
"I learned that there is no such thing as a “wrong” question. Questions can only help and improve your work."
– Taela G, Blaylock Beal Van, LLC